Travel Bugsss is a community of travelers founded by Danielle Trainito & Ferns Francois when they were inspired to share their stories, experiences and insights with fellow wanderlusts. 



“Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow.”

― Anita Desai


Ferns Francois 

Born in Brooklyn to an immigrant mother and father, both of my parents emphasized travel in a major way. As an adolescent, I spent summers in either Canada or Haiti. In my teens, I spent a year abroad in the Costa Rican jungle. Now as an adult, I have accumulated  visits to 11 countries on 4 continents.


Danielle Trainito

Born and raised in the suburbs of Boston, I always dreamt of traveling but coming from a very large family made it a luxury we could rarely afford, despite my parents best efforts. Finally, at the age of 27 years old, I decided to start living my dream. I have traveled to 9 countries and counting! 


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