New YouTube Post: New Website/Upcoming Trip

Hi Travel Bugsss! We wanted to update our friends and followers and let them know about our site! In the video we have included bits and pieces of what you can find on We also made sure to include that we will soon be in Italy and that the blog will be the best place to keep up with our adventures there! Here is a cap of out itinerary:

March 29: Fly from Boston to JFK then from JFK to Milan

March 30: Arrive in Milan and take train straight to Florence capturing amazing views of the countryside. We will spend two nights in beautiful Florence exploring what this amazing city has to offer. 

April 1: Leave Florence for Venice! We are really excited to be staying here for the night and experiencing the romance of it all. We here that not many people stay on the little island and once night comes and the day-trippers are gone, the scene is quite serene! We can't wait to capture it!

April 2: Off to Verona! A good friend of mine, Billie Francis, who spent quite a bit of time in Italy highly recommended we visit Verona. For those of you do not know, Verona is the city where Romeo and Juliet is based! Being a shakespeare fan, I could not be more excited! We spend Two nights in this historic city then we are off to nomad a bit. 

April 4: We will be on the road after checking out of our Verona AirBNB! This is exciting for us as we have yet to nomad and we will be doing so between Verona and Milan until we fly out on Milan on the 6th. Stay tuned and follow our journey as it is bound to be full of surprises! 

April 6: We fly home! :( Sad, I know, but not to worry, the next adventure is just around the corner. :).

Thats it for now guys! Remember to follow us on social media to catch the fun in between! Especially on snap: travelbugsss. Cheers!