Travel Bugsss Q&A

Hi Travel Bugsss! We just wanted to thank you for asking us questions and wanting to get to know more about us and about travel! We LOVE traveling but even more so, we enjoy sharing and reliving our experiences with our friends even more! It really augments the experience for us and gives us great insight as to what you all want and need to know about traveling!

So, you guys asked, and we've answered! Thank you so much for your participation!


1. What have you found, or come to realize to be the toughest thing to deal with while traveling.  Eric Grysbowski

2. When is the best day to book a flight? And what days are best to fly . Both in regards to cheapest fare.  Tasha Begon Louis

3. What's the best Haitian restaurant out in Chicago?  Peterson Bazile

4. What do you do with your dogs while you're away?  Jeanette Bocook

5. Are there any "code words" one may use at the front desk to get a room upgrade when checking into a hotel?  Brian Roy

6. Has this made your relationship stronger?!  Brienne Marie

7. Do you plan on traveling with a group in the future? That would be Awesome!!!  Wynell Johnson

8. Do you set aside a certain amount of money depending on where you travel or do you just rounded to the nearest number?  Holly Paz

9. Best hotel rewards? Best Chains?  Brian Roy

10. Do you only stay in the tourists area or do you venture off, taking a risk to see the culture and how people live? My fear is going to a country, getting lost and not being able to find my way out due to the language barrier.  Annette Morales

11. When traveling outside of the US, what about health insurance just in case you get sick?  Kevin Kelly

12. Do you have any tips for traveling without having reservations and bookings? I find deadlines for reservations and such to be the biggest downside to traveling.  Cory Martin

13. What are some MUST GO places in your opinion?  Michael Alli

14. I wanna know, how great of a deal does it need to be to take spirit airlines?  Chris Garafola

15. My question is how did you guys get started with traveling ? What made you guys want to start this?  Melissa Patti

16. Which is better, Gino's East or Giordano's?  Luisa Alvarez

17. What were the most beautiful islands you have ever been to?  Topher Yandell

18. What are your Italy plans?!  Alyssa Maire

19. How did you guys meet?  Glory Daze

20. What is your favorite trip together and why?  Jackie Riley