Hey Travel bugsss! I am here to give you a guide of benefits on the American Express Premier Rewards Gold Card, and why we use it. I will be explaining some of the most commonly known and some of the less common benefits!! Listen carefully, there are tons of exciting benefits to the American Express Premier Reward gold Card (PRG). This card has an annual fee of $195 that is waived the first year of account opening. 

How can I apply for the American Express PRG?

Well that is easy! Just click here to apply !

Here is a run down of the American Express PRG points system.

First off, they use MR points. What does MR stand for? It stands for Membership Rewards. These rewards can be transferred to over 20 different airline and hotel partners. With that being said your best bet would be to redeem your MR points on either travel or gift cards.

Down to the break out of the points.

30,000 MR bonus for signing up and spending $2,000 in the first 3 months of account opening. 

3X points on Airfare when purchasing with the PRG.

2X points on dining, gas, and groceries. 

1X points on ALL other purchases

2X points on everything booked on on top of already qualifying points benefits such as 3X points on airfare.

What are some of their travel benefits?

The one that I find most important would have to be the $0 foreign transaction fee, no one likes to pay fees on all of their purchases when abroad. right? Next up we have the $100 annual airline credit. You get this credit by logging onto your American Express account and pre- selecting which airline you would like to use the credit with. Please keep in mind that once you have selected an airline you can ONLY use the credit with that airline. Thirdly we have The Hotels Collection program. Not only do you receive 2X points on every dollar spent booking one of these hotels through but you also receive a $75 credit when spending 2 nights or more. 

They also have things like Baggage insurance. When you book your flight using the PRG you automatically qualify for coverage of $1,250 on carry-ons and 500 on your checked bags. You will be reimbursed when you call the number on the back of your card and submit a claim.

Here is a pretty cool one that not many people know about, Global assist. What is this? Say you are 100 miles or more away from home and you become sick or injured. American Express will cover you medical and emergency expenses. They will be available to you 24/7. Please keep in mind you will responsible for any third party charges.

Travel accident insurance. When booking your entire trip using your PRG, American Express will cover up to $250,000 for loss of life. Be sure to do your research because they also cover things like loss of limbs and various other injuries! Scary I know, but always good to know.

When using your PRG to book a car rental and declining insurance from the car rental provider  you are automatically be eligible for American Express's rental car insurance. This includes most cars except for luxury cars.

Lastly for the PRG travel benefits we have Roadside assistance. They cover, covered cost up to 4X per year. Expenses such as tolls and gas!

What kind of purchase benefits does American Express offer? 

For all of those shopping lovers Amex is here to save the day! The American Express actually has tons of purchasing benefits tied to their PRG card. Here are a few that we have found useful.

Purchase Protection: When purchased within 9 days using the  American Express PRG , they will cover up to 10,000 and 50,000 per calendar year.

Return Protection: If you purchased an item using your card and the merchant will not let you return it American Express will reimburse you full cost of your item as long as the purchase date is within 90 days. 

Extended Warranty: Items purchased with your card will have an extended warranty of a year past expiration of the manufacture warranty. 

Some additional but exciting benefits that you receive with the American Express PRG.

As some of you may know The travel Bugsss had the opportunity to catch an amazing musical called Hamilton. This was possible because being an American Express card holder you received top notch benefits to the most exclusive events. You can find these offers on the American Express homepage. 

Also you can receive free 2 day shipping when shopping on   Shop Runner using your PRG. American Express also offers great promotions based on your purchase history, so you can find great deals on things you actually use/need. For an example, one promotion we have seen is when you spend $1,000 with Air France ( because we love to travel) you will receive 20,000 MR points. When typically you would only earn 3,000 MR points for this purchase. You can find these offers on your American Express home page as well.

Phew! Lastly we have the American Express year end summary. This summary breaks down your yearly spending categories. This is an excellent tool if you need to claim certain things on your taxes. Do not worry just hand this off to your Tax preparer and they should know exactly what to do. Even use it for personally use, track purchases, use it to calculate next years budget! So many options and we love options. That's why The Travel Bugsss recommends the American Express Premier Rewards Gold Card.