Hi Travel Bugsss! We love to share unique experiences with our readers and we have another. This time, we travel to sunny Florida to visit my mother and brothers in Lehigh Acres, just east of Fort Myers. To be quite honest, usually, I am only here for the family. When I want to hit the beach, I take the 40 minute drive west to Fort Myers beach and spend the day. It is a nice enough beach with plenty to do as far as activities, including jet ski rentals, volleyball and bar hopping, but it just never really justifies the 40 minute drive for me. Well, last time we were here, I finally found that justification. Meet, Captiva Island. A tropical paradise north west of Fort Myers that makes you feel as though you have been transported from Smallville (minus Superman) to your dream getaway. Let's break it down after some eye candy.



The What

Tropical island town off the coast of Fort Myers with white sand beach and trendy shops. 

The Where

Located northwest of Fort Myers and north of Sanibel Island. There is one road going in and out from Fort Myers to Captiva. AT the tip of Captiva you will find public paid beach parking which is 12$ for up to 5 hours.

What To Expect

What you will find on Captiva is beauty and relaxation. 90% of the accommodations are resorts which include pools, bars, restaurants, continental breakfast, dock access for boats/jetskis and shops. They also mostly all have their very own slice of private beach due to the lack of public parking on the main strip. That means that you can almost be assured that the only people on your part of the beach will be hotel/resort occupants.  The beaches are pristine. Clean, white sand and beautiful blue waters. Resorts will either have cabana and chair rentals or as included benefits depending on the resort. Our resort, the Tween Waters Inn had chairs for $10 each and cabanas that seat two for $15.

What To Do

Each resort will have its own thing going on as far as entertainment goes but you should find at least the following:



Gift shop

Live Entertainment


Private Beach

In the event you get tired of seeing the same faces and things on the resort, just as your resort about their shuttle service that can take you to other hotspots on the island (yes, there is a starbucks). The prices will vary from free to about 5$ per person and cover the entire 2 mile stretch of island that has cutes little shops, restaurants and a public beach. 

Round Up

We hope this has been informative post regarding the little slice of heaven known as Captiva. It serves as a wonderful change of pace for us when we visit Fort Myers which is pretty much more of the laid back suburb feel than anything tropical. Be sure to get on over to Captiva should you want a nice escape from the norm! For more images, check out our Gallery. Bye for now!