Hi Travel Bugsss! Just wanted to hit you guys with a quick post about credits posting to your account when using your CSR to pay for benefits such as Global Entry and the annual travel credit of $300. Obviously, we want to get the credits as soon as possible, and likely do not want to be checking in daily to see when it does hit. Good news, it is almost immediately. 

I recently made a Global Entry purchase for a friend and you will be happy to know that the credit posted SAME DAY. Yeah, I know, pics or it didn't happen. See below.

Notice the purchase was made on 4/21 and the credit was the very next line item on the same day. I can not tell you it was NOT the last purchase I made that day. Reports have been similar for the travel credit. Well, in checking my statement from last month when we used our CSR for many train rides in Italy using the GOEURO app, I found the same. Pic below:

So as you can see, these statement credits hit almost INSTANTLY with your Chase Sapphire Reserve card. We have yet another case of the credit posting immediately after the transaction is made (prior to later transactions being posted). You can feel pretty confident that these credits will come to you in very short order. That's it for now. Until next time!