Whats up Travel Bugsss? We recently posted about a secret (but not so secret) Balinese hideout resort in the middle of the Bali jungle. In this post, we take you to the opposite end of the spectrum to show you how you can get the perfect view of the Aurora Borealis, more commonly known as The Northern Lights, from under the glass ceiling of an igloo in this exclusive Finnish resort.  Do we have your attention yet?  Good because that is not all they offer. 

The aptly named Kakslaunttanen Arctic Resort in, you guessed it, Kakslaunttanen Finland offers igloo rooms made out of glass, to give you the opportunity to fall asleep under the stars and get the best views of the Northern Lights that money can buy.

What are the Northern Lights?

The Northern Lights are the result of electrons colliding with the upper reaches of Earth's atmosphere. Protons cause faint and diffuse aurora, usually not easily visible to the human eye. You can experience this spectacular event 8 months out of the year.

How do I get there? 

The closest airport to Kakslauttanen, Finland is about a half hour drive to Ivalo Airport (IVL). Kakslauttanen Arctic resort does offer a complimentary shuttle to and from the airport. From Boston, MA (BOS) to Ivalo, Finland (IVL) you can currently score a round trip ticket for about $633 USD round trip per person in September. We found these prices using Google flights, which we always recommend when researching any travels to find the best deals and dates. 

How do I book and how much?

The resort has seasonal activities and accommodations. The glass igloos are only available during the Northern lights "season" beginning in August running through the end of April. You can only book through their website. Check availability here. Prices seem to increase by about 100 Euro/night during the times the Northern Lights are most often sought by adventurers since the chances of seeing one are highest (January to March). For a small glass igloo it will be about $461 USD per night and for large glass igloo about $540 USD per night in October. 

We recommend booking with one of the following cards to maximize rewards: Amex Platinum (5x)Chase Sapphire Reserve (3x)Citi Prestige (3x)Amex Premier Rewards Gold (3x)Chase Sapphire Preferred (2x).


What else do they have to offer? 

Besides the igloo rooms, they offer other accommodations such as log cabins, snow igloos, and suites. Again, when you want to book you must visit their main webpage to make a reservation.

They also have many activities such as the husky safari, ice fishing, aurora hunting, horse safaris, hiking and ATV. A lot of cool adventures to be had at this resort, depending on the season. They have excursions specifically for Winter, Summer and Autumn. Their website clearly outlines which activities are available during their respective seasons.  Remember, research research research!  If you are looking for a unique "once in a lifetime" kind of experience this resort should definitely be on your bucket list. As always Travel Bugsss, happy travels! 

Husky Excursion available in Winter & Summer

Husky Excursion available in Winter & Summer

As always Travel Bugsss, happy travels!