Is Jet Lag a Dealbreaker or Not?

Hey Travel Bugsss! Danielle here, In November 2016 Ferns and I took our first big international trip to Thailand. We are based out of Boston, Thailand is 11 hours ahead of us. What a HUGE time jump! Then from Thailand we hopped over to Singapore and then to Bali. Between the time zone difference and all the traveling you can bet jet lag hit us hard. Here is our story on how jet lag affected us and how we would do it all over again!

What is jet lag? 

All I have to say is exhaustion, just kidding! Jet lag is extreme tiredness and other physical effects felt by a person after a long flight across several time zones. So if you are traveling and feel sick do not panic, you do not have some rare form of a disease or going to die (joke). It is not that bad, it is just jet lag and it will go away. Here is a quick story of our experience with jet lag. 

What our travel day(s) consisted of.

On Friday November 18th 2016 AT 8:30PM EST we boarded an overnight Lufthansa flight to Munich, Germany. We landed at 1:35PM (7:35AM our time), as you can tell already a pretty large time zone difference. I remember dozing off in Munich waiting for our connecting flight to Bangkok. When we arrived to Bangkok that is where it had really hit us, both Ferns and I were exhausted. Both were feeling nauseous and fatigued. We could not believe that we had to yet again board another plane and were not heading to bed. Finally from Bangkok we were off to our final destination.

Bangkok Airport. See more photos in our  gallery!

Bangkok Airport. See more photos in our gallery!

How we felt once we arrived! 

We finally landed in Krabi, Thailand on Sunday November 20th at 2:35pm. Phew! We made it. Here is the big question. After a few days of travel how did we feel? Did it ruin the first couple days of our trip? The answer is *drumroll please* NO, as soon as we got there yes we were tired but we were in a new foreign place with a lot of excitement and adrenaline, which helped wake us up enough to stay up to get settled in and able to explore Krabi. I am sure the Thai Massages we got that evening helped a little bit as well. But one thing is for sure we slept really good that night and adjusted just fine the duration of our trip.

How we felt when we got back home.

After an adventurous trip through Thailand, Singapore, Bali and a long couple days of travel back home. We were exhausted. This is when jet lag really took a toll on us. It took us a good couple weeks to adjust back to our regular sleep schedule and get back into the swing of things. We did not feel nauseous or sick but very tired and could not seem to get the days straight. We highly suggest that you reserve a couple days after your trip to pull yourself together. We also recommend not sleeping until your regularly scheduled "bedtime". But do not worry! You will get back to your day to day routine in no time. 

We have been told the more you travel the less you will feel side affects of jet lag, So hopefully that will be some motivation to travel more! I know we will be traveling more and we will be sure to keep you updated. Jet lag can affect everyone differently, just try to keep a positive mind set. No jet lag will stop us from experiencing all the wonderful things traveling the world has to offer. As always thanks for reading Travel Bugsss.