5 Reasons Why You Should Explore Less Touristy Areas When Abroad

Travel Bugsss! We are back! This time we are here with five reasons why you should explore less touristy areas when abroad. I am sure you ask yourself all of the time, should I venture out to the country side of a foreign place? Or should I play it safe and stay within the highly populated areas. You know for my safety. Well I have 5 great reasons to take the risk and experience something you have never ever imagined experiencing, In fact I dare you. 


Look at it this way, you have most likely flown thousands of miles and hours away from home. So why not take advantage and do what you really came to do? Explore something that millions of other tourist do not dare to experience because they let their fears get the best of them. In most cases the stories you create of the unknown in your head are a lot worse then reality. 


Please sit back and really think, what are you really afraid of? What are the risk you are actually taking that you do not face at home? For countries with higher risk, there are precautions you can take to reduce your risk.  Lets face it, if someone wanted to harm you, they would whether you are in a highly populated area or not. 


Remember high touristy areas will always jack up their prices because they know that people will still buy it, because who leaves the touristy areas right? thats right you do! When exploring outside of the touristy area of your destination, you are almost guaranteed to find prices AT LEAST 30 percent cheaper than just a few miles away at that famous monument everyone is dying to see. Don't get me wrong there are somethings with high tourism that is worth checking out but do not let it be your main attraction. 


As most of you already know it can get quiet busy and overwhelming in high touristy areas due to high tourism. Move away from the tourism and the crowds, really get a chance to experience your journey without dodging people and things! 

On the left was at Uluwatu Temple in Bali, as you can see very beautiful. But a lot of crowding, makes it hard for a photo op or getting a chance to really take in the true beauty of the temple. On the right is The Green Bowl Beach. We basically had the entire beach to ourselves and basked in the beauty of a cave right on the beach. You can see more photos in our Bali Gallery.


Most importantly to us! CULTURE! We love culture. Not the dressed up culture either, the real and raw culture that you can only really truly experience away from the hustle and bustle. I promise you there is nothing like it. Speaking or communicating with the people, living and experiencing what they experience every single day is so surreal. There is such an immense amount of different people, different places and different ways of living in this world. Almost like temporarily living in a movie, it is the most unbelievable experience. 

With all of that being said. When you come across a tourist in your home country or city, show them and give them information that would change their stay there. Advise them on where they can go to see landscapes not many tourist go to, or that hole in the wall restaurant you love. You could possibly be changing there entire visit while there. It can only benefit the person you are sharing with and the city you live in. Hope you guys enjoyed this read, and hope it has pushed you in experiencing all the wonders this world has to offer.