How to get your passport

So you want to go overseas, but you don't have to a passport or aren't sure how to get one. 


1. Make sure you have your birth certificate you can't get a passport without one. For any country, you also need an Identification. If your applying for a child you need to to show your relationship to the child. 

2. You can pick it up at your application at your local Post office, or you can use this link and file one electronically or print one out.


3. You need your picture go to a place that can her you a 2x2 picture Walgreens is good with those so make sure to smile and look Good this picture is good for 10 years. For children it is only good for 5 years until the age of 16 years old. 

4. Passport fees differentiate for Adults, renewing, children under 16 here is the link to let you know about the fee's. There is a execution fee to process the paperwork and for them to send them back to you. Passport fee's differentiate between $80-140 for children and parents. 

5. Then you need to find a location that will take your passport documents, as I said before the post office is the best location but in case your post office doesn't do it. Click here and check where the nearest office is to you.