30 Travel Essentials

Hi Travel Bugsss! This is a LONG overdue post and we are happy to finally get it to you. Here is a list of items that every traveler will find themselves needing at one point or another and really should not leave home without. In no particular order, here we go.


1. Power Bank - You are going to be on the go and will not always have access to an outlet. Don't let your phone die in a foreign place. We love this one as it keeps us BOTH fueled all day. Just remember to plug it in at night.


2. Travel Charging Station W/ Adapters - Because not everywhere you go will have plug adapters lying in wait. Have this in your pack, along with the right connector, when you are traveling abroad and keep your entire group charged. 


3. Headphones - A MUST for those long plane rides. Don't get stuck always paying $5-$10 for those cheap airline ones. Spring for a reliable set with noise cancellation and binge Harry Potter in peace. Don't go low end. You won't regret it. 

http://amzn.to/2GuWTKU (High) 

http://amzn.to/2FvIo8b (Mid) 

4. Camera - Basic travel essential here folks. If you don't have any pics and/or video of that cute little monkey eating out of your hand, did it even happen? I recommending splurging for the mid-high end cameras in order to be more future proof. Your call. 

http://amzn.to/2DLs5Uq Sony A6300 (High)

http://amzn.to/2Fqsf43 Cannon PS G9 X II (Mid)

http://amzn.to/2DMtmuB Canon PS ELPH (Low)

5A. Global Entry - Global entry allows you to skip long customs and immigration lines when re-entering the US from your journey abroad. It also comes with TSA PreCheck for you $100 application fee. Renew every 5 years for $100. 


5B. Mobile Passport & TSA Precheck - This is the cheaper and faster version of Global Entry but it is available in far fewer airports. This should not be too much of an issue given that the participating airports are all major hubs tha see a vast majority of the international traffic. Go this route to save yourself 15$ and having to wait for a GE interview. Mobile Passport is free and TSA Precheck is $85.

Mobile Passporthttps://goo.gl/YfSJiS

Tsa Precheckhttps://www.tsa.gov/precheck

6. Translate App - Unless you are Kobe Bryant and speak 7 languages, you are probably going to need this at some point. You literally speak to it in your native language and it translates into the language of your choosing. 


7. Travel Card - Don't leave home without one. They offer a range of benefits related to travel such as accident insurance, lost luggage reimbursement and rental insurance. Not to mention, when uses, they accrue points which lead to more travel! Choose between two tiers. 

High - Best benefits such as lounge access and trave credits, High annual fees.

https://goo.gl/erdTXR Chase Sapphire Reserve

https://goo.gl/ywqByY American Express Platinum

Mid - Low Annual fee, Fast points earning, Solid benefits

https://goo.gl/jnecfr CSP

https://goo.gl/CYs2Pr Amex PRG

8. Selfie Stick - Self explanatory


9. Compression socks - Often overlooked, these help increase circulation during those really long flights. Helps to fight jet lag and blood clots. 


10. Neck Pillow - Annoying to pack and carry around, not going to lie, but you will regret it if you don't bring one on any flight longer than 5h.


11. Eye mask - These days, airlines are really good at simulating night time to help with jet lag, but bring your own sleep shapes just in case someone next to you is using their reading light or something weird like that. 


12. Umbrella - Because you're either going to buy one abroad or regret not bringing your own because you're too frugal to buy one abroad. Bring it.  


13. Rain Poncho - Feel free to consider you destination when deciding whether or not to bring one of these. Rainforest/jungle? Check. Desert? Maybe leave it at home. 


14. Daypack - Something smaller than your travel bag that you can carry just the day's essentials in. Small, lightweight, but sturdy. 


15. Head Lamp - For the nighttime activities that don't involve well lit streets and clubs. Going for an early morning hike to catch sunrise at a local viewpoint? Using a headlamp will be much more fun and practical than using your iPhone light. 


16. Multitool - For those Mcguyver moments. There are ALWAYS 1 or 2 Mcguyver moments when you are thousands of miles from home or a dollar store. 


17. Travel Wallet - Like a day pack, but for your cards and cash. Also get one that has RFID blocker to thwart the sophisticated thieves. Consolidate your cards and cash into an easy to carry travel wallet that also has room for your passport.



I don't have links to specific products for the remainder of the list. I can give my opinions on some ones that I like thought if you want to reach out. @ferns_francois on Instagram and Twitter. 

18. Comfortable Walking Shoes - This goes for the woman especially. Don't just bring "nice" shoes. Bring a pair that you can walk all day in because you will be doing much more walking that you do in your daily life.

19. Book - Best time to read is while you are in transit. It's tempting to just turn on the latest movies on the plane, but try to use some of that time to get some reading done. 

20. Carry-on Bag - For some trips, this is all you will need and most airlines don't charge for it. Have a reliable, sturdy one that will last you a while. 

21. Snacks - Because plane food is EXPENSIVE and you are like me and eat when you are bored. 

22. Travel Toothpaste - Because rarely is there toothpaste in the hotel room. Your Airbnb may have some, but don't risk it. Plus, it's nice to brush right after a long flight. 

23. Pen - Have a back up even. When you have to sign things like immigration forms and you remembered and adhered to this list, you will thank me for saving you the agony of having to borrow one or worse, wait for one at a kiosk at immigration. Stand in line, whip out you pen and fill it out as you wait in line. Laugh at the suckers. 

24. Water Bottle - Fill it up every chance you get. Make sure if you are abroad, you are filling it up with potable (to your country of origin's standards) water. 

25. Nail Clipper - You. Will. Need. It. 

26. Clear Toiletry/Liquid Bags - This is a must f you plan on bringing on an liquids and of course you are bringing on liquids because you are allowed to put nips in them. Don't worry. Be happy.

27. Gym Gear - Because you always say you are going to work out while on vacation at that awesome gym in your hotel but you always forget gym shoes, shorts ect. 

28. Eye Drops - Very refreshing after a long trip inside of a flying incubator. 

29. Watch - Because pulling out your phone to tell the time may not seem like a chore, but you will realize just how much of a chore it is once you have a watch and you will thank me for putting you on. 

30. Resolve - Because things will go wrong (Murphy's Law) and you are going to have to keep it together and figure things out on the fly. In other words, keep calm and carry on. 


Thanks for reading! If you use any of the links about to make a purchase, you will be supporting our blog as we will earn a small commision. If you have any comments like what I should add or questions about any of these products, please leave a comment! Cheers and happy travels! 

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