Great Valentines Gifts For Traveler Couples


Hi Travel Bugsss! Valentine's Day is almost upon us so I figured I would share some of my favorite travel inspired Valentines gifts ideas! Best part about these travel gifts is that the BOTH of you get to participate! What better way to surprise your partner than with a gift for you both? Am I right? 

In no particular order, here they are.



1. Unique Airbnb Experience

Book a unique Airbnb nearby for the day or a weekend. Heard about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle sewer hideout Airbnb? No, check out these images. 

What about this awesome Malibu airstream rental with amazing views?


Get creative and scour Airbnb for some diamonds in the rough near you for a romantic getaway that is sure to catch your significant other by surprise!


2. 2 For 1 Flight to Europe 

There are deals running just in time for Valentines! Fly round trip to Milan (Italy) with your significant other on Meridiana Airlines for $450 per person. Your ticket will include free checked bag and carry-on. Surprise your Valentine with an awesome vacation that won't break the bank!

Simply search via Google Flights for available dates to take advantage of this deal. I am currently finding dates starting in late August. 


3. Day Trip Your City

Be a tourist in you own city (or closest hub near you) that you would typically brush off because you live in close proximity to it. Remember, Your city is one that billions in the world have never been to and might find some really unique experiences there if they were given the opportunity to visit.  Does your city have a hall of fame? Famous theme parks or landmarks? one of a kind restaurants/bars or attractions? Take a good look at your city's offerings and take a look at it from a tourists perspective. 




Hope this list helps Travel Bugsss! Please be sure to report back/share your valentines day experiences!

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